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  • Fourthwax Summer (200ml)

    Summer is our dedicated show wax blend designed to enhance gloss levels and flake pop in metallic paints. Utilising T1 grade carnauba wax, Montan wax and specifically selected oils, Summer produces superb gloss levels and a dripping wet finish.


    T1 Grade Carnauba wax

    Produces a high gloss finish ideal for show cars and for those where durability is not the primary focus.

    Can be used on all colours of paint.

    Supplied in a 200ml glass jar.

  • Fourthwax Winter (200ml)

    Winter is our durable wax designed to protect during the winter months. Winter is blended using polymers designed with durability in mind while encompassing specifically selected oils and waxes to ensure gloss levels remain superb. Presented in a 200ml glass jar, natural in colour with a stunning sweet orientated scent.



    Easy on / off formula.

    Supplied in glass jar.

    Self cross linking polymers to aid durability during harsher conditions.

    Good value for money.

  • Fourthwax Sion (200ml)


    Sion is our Si02 ceramic infused wax that delivers a durable and jaw dropping finish. Blended using T1 grade carnauba wax, Montan wax, specifically selected oils along with ceramic silica additives that make this a truly remarkable product. Combined with a very reasonable price point this has to be added to any detailing armoury.

  • Fourthwax Seal (500ml)

    Spray seal is an easy to use spray sealant that adds a durable layer of protection to your cars paintwork.
    Designed with ease of use in mind, Spray Seal is a spray on / wipe off product that can also act as a base layer prior to applying a final coat of wax or other LSP of your choice. Its safe to use on all exterior surfaces including glass and plastics.
    Spray seal can also be used like a QD during maintenance washes to add a touch of gloss and aid durability of current protective layers.

    Supplied in 500ml Bottle with trigger head.


    Can be used on ANY exterior surface.

    Produces a highly hydrophobic layer of protection.

    Can be used on all colours of paint.

    Ideal as a stand alone LSP or base layer.

  • Master of Fibres Drying Towel

    The Master Of Fibres bring you The Drying Towel.

    This huge towel is made with only the very best fibres and will ensure scratch less drying every time. This thick and absorbent towel is super soft and is a must have in any detailing arsenal. At a size of 60cm x 90cm, you’ll be able to dry off in no time!

    At 1100 GSM, there really is no other towel quite like it. Use a dedicated microfibre wash to ensure your towel stays in top condition and allow to dry naturally.

  • Fourthwax Wash (500ml)

    Wash is an LSP safe shampoo designed to be used with every wash. With ample suds, good cleaning ability and a slick glide the shampoo should help to minimise any potential scratching during the washing process. Use a couple of capfuls to a wash bucket to your preferred level of foaming along with a dedicated wash mitt.